Stainless steel GAP Cabinets

GAP cabinets (Hazardous material workplace) are the modern variety off the well-known fume chamber. Due to the construction of the classic fume chamber people are forced to look through a glass screen, over time this screen will become dull. The GAP cabinet provides a better solution for hazardous gasses (if there is no explosion risk). The air within the cabinet is constantly refreshed and the hazardous gasses are being subtracted through the back.

SPS International combines the GAP cabinets with frame, which is equipped with cabinets, draws for your personal convenience and efficiency. One or mutiple till draws are possible but also cabinets, safety cabinets, etc. The working tops can be made out of Stainless steel, Glass or a different material. Sinks, sockets, UTP connections and laboratory faucets can all be integrated. All supplied with a CE certificate.


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