Custom design solutions

All our products can be manufactured to your specification whether this is a dissection table or a complete refurbishment of you mortuary, pathology room or funeral home. SPS International starts every request with a blank piece of paper. Giving you the opportunity to incorporate all your wishes, we will assist you in designing your own table to guarantee the best product possible and a safe work environment.

Custom design doesn’t mean an expensive design. Standard solutions may look cheaper on paper, but this is only the case if nothing needs to be adjusted. Which is rarely the case. On top of that will you never get the same efficiency in usage of your available space. SPS international will use every available cm and we will be able to do that for a really good price quality ratio.

SPS international distinguishes itself from the market in the field of air flow control. We fit our tables with a unique combination of air extraction and air supply. By using the physical aspects of the air flow and combining them we are able to guarantee you a safe working environment. The laminar airflow is so efficient that we meet the NEN-EN 689 standard with only a fraction of its maximum exposure.

Through this efficiency we are able to guarantee this safe work environment with a relative low air extraction. Other solutions might need 1.800 or even 2.800 m3/h we only need 1.000 m3/h or less. The investment in your air extraction system (building management) is far lower, you might not even need to upgrade. And the running costs are 80% or even 180% lower.

We will use our knowledge and experience to optimize the end result. The sooner we can assist you in your project planning the better. So we are able to make sure your conduits and connections are perfectly matched to your needs and appliances. This ensures you your lab is not too small or too big and meets all regulations for now and the years to come.

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