About SPS

SPS-International is an expert when it comes down to the interior of mortuaries, dissecting rooms and autopsy rooms.

In 2015, SPS International has arisen after it has changed ownership from a company with more than 30 years of experience. Because of this, SPS-International has a large amount of knowledge and experience and has been able to realise over more than 50 projects. SPS-International is utterly focused on the wishes and needs of the customer. For each customer, a professional 3D drawing is created, so the plans can be visualized.

SPS-International is actively involved with the latest technological developments and has a lot of knowledge about the design requirements of mortuaries, dissecting rooms and autopsy rooms. IHG Stainless steel, our sister organisation, is of course our most important partner. For more information about IHG Stainless Steel, visit the website http://www.ihg-roestvaststaal.nl

See also: Custom manufacturing: https://www.sps-international.nl/en/products/customisation


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